Who Are We?

Founded in 2020, Invest Natural E (INE) is a Human Centered Renewable energy company based in Howard County, Maryland. We are a project developer aiming to provide the best possible renewable energy solutions to our customers for their Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit and Community solar projects. In addition to our project development services, we also offer customized and optimal financial solutions, including cash purchase, green loans, capital lease, operating lease, and power purchase agreements.

INE's development strategy is focused on developing and enabling solar projects ranging in size from 5KW- 5MW in the United States. We pursue solutions that deliver attractive value for our customers while helping organizations meet their sustainability goals.

If you are paying a monthly bill to a utility and interested in learning how to reduce your energy cost without immediate spend, while hedging against future cost increases, please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION consultation.

Our Mission

Provide “unique” solar solutions to our customers through:

Common goal - We believe, our existence is only possible because of our customers. We believe everyone involved must be focused on what is best for the customers throughout the life of the project. Our foundation in engineering, manufacturing, and consulting has prepared us to effectively collaborate and engage with our customers.

Shared Knowledge - Despite a fiercely competitive business environment, we continuously learn from our partners to achieve lowest possible levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) and highest possible returns on investment for our customers. We are always open to learning including from the success of our competitors and failures of our own.

Mutual Respect - We take pride in being a human centered solar developer. Accepting each person for who they are and understanding of how each other person’s perspective is critical in achieving on time and within budget for every project. We treat all our customers and partners no less than how we like to be treated.

What We Do / Our Services

Project Development - We specialize in developing and enabling 5KW-2MW projects. We support all aspects of development from site selection- permitting- construction- commissioning.

Technical Consulting/ Advisory Services - The INE team can support the needs of companies in the renewable or solar business that are in need of specific assistance/ support with their project, including with respect to value engineering, procurement-logistics- construction- asset -warranty management, permitting, project financing, remote monitoring, performance audit.

Financial Modeling - Our deep understanding of all financial challenges related to renewable energy development and acquisition sets us apart from others in our focused market. We understand the complexity of investment tax credits (ITC), production tax credits (PTC), Opportunity Zones, New Market Tax Credits (NMTC), MACRS depreciation, construction loans, term loans, and value of renewable energy certificates (SREC), while structuring and appreciating that no two projects are alike and each is independent of the last.

Our Methodology

We are detailed oriented, consultative, and collaborative in our approach for each project and that is essential for successful outcomes with few surprises and within estimated budget and timelines. Customers are provided solutions that have already taken into account regulatory compliance whether they are constraints or requirements.

Our Process

1.  Customer Engagement/ Site Selection/ Site Assessment
2.  System Design, Engineering and Permitting
3.  Equipment Sourcing and Project finance
4.  EPC Selection, Program management and Interconnection
5.  Construction and Commissioning
6.  Operation, maintenance, performance monitoring, warranty services

Contact Us

For more information on INE experience, please feel free to contact us sales@investnaturale.com.